Judy Schwartz  Adoption social worker, New York/ NewJersey  State Licensed Master Social Worker offering infertility counseling in preparation for the adoption journey:


Judy S. Schwartz LMSW

Adoption social worker

Licensed Master Social Worker in both New York and New Jersey

Member of the National Association of Social Workers

Speaker and presenter at adoption meetings and conferences

 Consultant on home study preparation and choosing an adoption path


Judy is an adoptive parent of four children   

My eldest daughter was born in the USA and adopted at 6 weeks of age. My second daughter and her two biological brothers were born in Russia and were adopted when they were 5, 4 and 3 years old.”

“Having experiencing the adoption process in both domestic and international arenas has provided me with a wealth of experience and knowledge that I love to share with prospective families.”

My career as a Social Worker began in 1980 and I opened my private practice specializing in Adoption in 1999. I assist in developing your individualized plan for adoption, and also provide infertility counseling and adoption preparation. I have had the joyful privilege to work with hundreds of families and singles of various ages and backgrounds. My favorite part of the adoption journey is the post adoption visit when I meet your child. I’m not the stereotypical social worker. I’m warm, friendly and give good hugs. I would enjoy speaking to you to help with any questions you may have.

Helping to Build Forever Families

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